Bulk-Downloading Documents off Moodle

Edit: Some links for backing up your email are at the bottom

If you are like me, there are many readings you did during college that you want to hang on to, or at least the syllabi of your classes. I’ve been meaning to make a nice and tidy backup of my readings for a while but never got around to it. Now seems like a good time to do it.¬†Our email access ends tomorrow. And while there’s a chance we get to keep our Moodle access, I don’t want to place any bets. Unfortunately, Moodle doesn’t have a “download all” button. I tried various approaches, and the one that worked best for me is the following.It still requires you to repeat the step for each class, but then at least it downloads all the files for a course at once. Click on an image if you need a bigger version.

Walkthrough below the fold.

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